Girl brains and boy brains are so different


When it comes to bedtime routines, are males and females biologically wired to think and do things differently? Of course I don’t have an answer that involves any real science, but I can say it sure is a fitting explanation for what happens in my house each night…

It takes me anywhere from 10-15 minutes to get ready to actually lay down and attempt sleep. I’m all over my house, putting things away, packing lunch for the next day, doing dishes, wiping the counters, picking out clothes for work the next morning, letting the dogs out, and the list goes on.

The time it takes my husband, Andy, to get ready for bed? Three minutes, tops. His routine includes finishing his drink, grabbing his cell phone, walking to the bedroom, throwing on a pair of shorts, and climbing under the covers.

Sometimes if I make it to bed before him, I have to run down a little of questions: did you turn down the heat? Did you lock the doors? Did you turn off all the lights?

Andy can come to bed without doing those things and fall asleep just fine. Me, not so much. I get up and do it.

My thoughts aren’t meant to bash dudes or label my husband lazy because he’s not. There just seems to be a difference in priorities and thought processes between my husband and I. He can leave dishes on the table, his shoes in the middle of the floor, a light on in the house, and be fine with that. There’s no stress there for him, while for me I feel better after checking and straightening things up in the house to start “fresh” the next day.

Who wants to trip on a sneaker the next morning or awake to a sink full of dirty dishes? The thing is, my husband could care less. What that means is the stress I feel is stress I put on myself because Andy doesn’t expect me to do any of those things; in fact, he’s perfectly happy if I don’t. So while my type A personality makes for a cleaner house in the morning, I think my husband has the better deal.

I know I can’t be alone in this. Share your thoughts below!

Goodnight all (I have at least 5 minutes of checking on things before I can hit the hay, so I’d better get to it!).


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