5 reasons why enough is enough

I don’t care about the Joneses, or the Kardashians, or keeping up with either. They may have perfect picket fences, 2.5 blonde-haired, blue-eyed kids, and family portraits covering the walls of their HGTV-inspired house (Joneses), or millions of dollars, big butts, and bright, glossy faces (Kardashians). I don’t care. They have more than enough already, and will probably get more, because, why not? They can. Here’s why “more” may not be everything it’s cracked up to be:

  1. “Too much of a good thing” is not just a saying. A good thing is good, but it can also be bad. Take alcohol for example. Your drink of choice is most likely stellar to you – you like the taste, you like the way it makes you feel, it’s fun to drink it, etc. You like it too much, however, and you’re either an annoying drunk who embarrasses your friends, you’re sick and praying for death, or you’re far more than a social drinker, perhaps entering alcoholic territory. Good things are good, unless you can’t control yourself.
  2. Competition can be unhealthy. If it’s used to set you up to fail, then it sucks. Consumerism is basically a big, fat competition that you will never, ever win. Ever. If you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses, Kardashians, or some other whack-a-doo family, you will most likely never feel like a winner. A bigger house, faster car, pricier designer dresses, cuter children, sexier spouse, higher paying job, or lower number on the scale will not mean anything after a while. Someone will always have more money or power than you do. Get over it. Stop competing.
  3. Do you really want a house full of stuff you don’t use? You cannot possibly ride more than one bicycle at a time. You can only wear one pair of glasses at a time. And how many lawn mowers, computers, or handbags do you really need? If enough is never enough, then you might end up with more piles of stuff around you than people in your life.
  4. It’s okay to say no. In fact, you might want to practice it so you’re ready. You don’t need to donate a dollar to every charity that the salesperson at the counter asks you about. You don’t need to add extra items to your cart just because it’s buy 2, get 1 free. You don’t need to attend every party you’re invited to. It’s okay to say no.
  5. Find what you like and stick with it. Hopping from thing to thing can make you restless. It’s certainly good to try new things, learn new things, meet new people, but it’s also good to know what you like, what you care about, and what you need to feel happy. It’s not settling; it’s being settled.

I love being in the presence of non-competitive, confident, fulfilled from the inside people. There’s an easy grace and simplicity to their company that extends to others. If there’s anything more that I would want, it’s to become one of these people. That would be enough for me.



2 thoughts on “5 reasons why enough is enough

  1. You shed light on a lot topics I see everyday. Working with technology, everyone is supposed to have the latest and greatest. Not having the best kind of puts you in a separate status, for example rich and poor. Competition can be healthy, mostly in sports. Americans are consuming more and in a shorter period of time. You really have to have a balance or control before you make yourself unhappy.

  2. I love the phrase “whack-a-doo family”. It cracked me up. Not being a competitive consumer and neighbor is powerful and peaceful. And, those who have grace, simplicity and are fulfilled from the inside actually enjoy the most success. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people had that goal 🙂 P.S. Grace is actually one of my favorite words.

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