Kayla’s Quirks: Farts – July 31st

My dog just farted and it made me think of this conversation from last week.

The scene is: Andy and I laying in bed, about to go to sleep. I adjusted my legs to reposition the blanket, and Andy proceeds to pull both the blanket and sheet off of me.

Me: “Why’d you do that?”

Andy: “It looked like you were assuming the position.”

Me: “What position?”

Andy: “I thought you were about to fart and I didn’t want you to dutch oven me.”

Me: “I wouldn’t do that.”

Andy: “You try all the time.”

Me: “Okay, well I heard a news story on the radio that smelling someone else’s farts can actually be good for your health. So I’m just looking out for you.”

Andy: (laughing)

Me: “Plus, you fart around me all the time.”

Andy: “Yeah but I don’t pull the blankets over your head after I do it.”

Me: “That doesn’t mean it’s not a dutch oven.”

Andy: “That’s exactly what it means.”

Me: (pause) “Regardless, I’m still smelling air from your ass.”

Andy: (laughing)

Me: “And your ass air stinks.”

Andy: “Fine. I’ll never fart around you again.”

Me: “You promise?”

Andy: (shakes his head)


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