Your ugliness is showing, better cover up

This past weekend marked a monumentous event for my family. After seven years of dating, one house bought, one baby born, and over a year of planning, my sister and her husband were finally married.

As expected, it was beautiful and classy and so much fun. Just perfect.

What was unexpected were the ugly guests who decided to crash the wedding by spreading misery and judgement to everyone who attended.

I think we can all agree that there is a basic etiquette expected of the wedding guests. That etiquette includes showing up on time with a smile, being happy that you were even invited, and enjoying the celebration while keeping your focus where it should be –  on the bride and groom.

That etiquette does not include showing up almost two hours early (while the wedding party is still getting ready), demanding to be let in, arguing over who should be inside the venue before the ceremony begins, and attacking innocent people about the damn seating chart. It also does not include being downright nasty to the people who, without their dedication and loyalty, the wedding would not have come together at all. Who the fuck do you think you are?

While I still am not sure what your nasty attitude was attempting to accomplish, let me tell you what it did do. It proved that your ugliness is your true character. It proved that you cannot be trusted to show up and be happy for someone other than yourself. It proved that your heart is in fact ice cold and should be kept far away from the rest of us. And it proved that even with your attempts to sabotage an otherwise delightful day, you failed. The day went on, the seats stayed the same, and the people who matter had the grand pleasure of watching two deserving people celebrate their love.

One more thing. To anyone who stood behind this ugliness, silently agreeing or not speaking up against their vicious attacks, you own it too. Their ugliness is your ugliness.

For the rest of us, we’ll remember November 7th as a lovely, gorgeous, memory-filled day. We’ll enjoy talking about the good times, looking at the pictures, and continuing to celebrate their lives together.

And we’ll do all of that without you. And that’s just fine with us.


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